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How we help with

affiliate marketing?

We help bring you extra income.

We match you with companies related to your business or blogging industry. 

Description:  Test & trial


Tell us what industries you are interested in affiliating with as well as the following:


  - Your website or blog and/or social media account information


            -Some affiliates require a blog or website to start.

            -Some affiliates require an EIN number to start

            -We will do affiliate signups based on the information you provide at check out. 


  - We will require personal information to complete tasks.

    - All personal information will be kept confidential. 


   All signup information such as; Usernames and password generated will be delivered in an Excel, pdf,     Google Sheets, or any other file you choose.





Google, Yelp, E-commerce Platforms, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, & More

Enjoy uploading and receiving more work in your portal after first signup and submission


Turn around time 24-48 hours 

   -work submitted to us on Saturdays & Sundays may have a 36 hour turn around time depending on the depth of work.


You will have 48 Hours to approve or request a refund.



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