RECORDING & research

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You will provide the details of what needs to be researched and we extract the data for you. Then we contact the prospects, and all calls will be recorded.


You will provide the following:

- Script


Have a dialing system that you would like for us to use?

Order a gig above and send us the information to log in and make calls on your calling platform.



You will receive information in the format you choose of the following:

   - Including Excel (.xls only), OpenOffice, PDF, Text, HTML*, and CSV.

   - Recorded calls will be delivered with a link that will access a folder.


- Recorded calls are included in this gig!

- Research is included in this gig!


Enjoy uploading and receiving more work in your portal after first signup and submission


Turn around time 24-48 hours 

   - Work submitted to us on Saturdays & Sundays may have a 36 hour turn around time depending on the depth of work.


You will have 48 Hours to approve or request a refund.



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